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    Dysfunctional dynamics can occur and develop slowly. It can become so powerful that both can feel stuck in it and unable to change it. A healthy development within a relationship is getting more complicated. Some couples think in advance and want to approach difficulties before they stuck in a negative dynamics. They want to be able to recognise traps, triggers and to react in a constructive way. Such couples see differences in their opinions, values and goals. These are normal in relationships as long as the couple is aware of these and it didn’t go in an unhealthy direction.

    Dedicating yourself to such topics as curiosity in relationships, boundaries, emotional connection you get a chance to understand each other better and see how other couples deal with similar topics and learn something new at the same moment. Other topics: Power and powerlessness, values and future plans, early signs of disfunctional developments.


    I am presenting a brief theoretical input on one of the topics mentioned in one workshop. Then you try out an exercise which is connected to it. Afterwards you can share your experience with the group. We are goint to move through the room, to paint or talk and listen to others. No touching others, no sexual techniques are going to happen. The content of the workshop is based on established methods in couple therapy, by those like U. Clement, H. Jellouschek or J.Gottman.


    Workshops are set for groups on one weekend day. Up to three couples take part. I work with my colleague, experienced couple therapist, with up to five couples.

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    second workshop leader

    More information on the second workshop leader beside me is occuring soon.


    The workshops for couples take place in my  practice in the Hagelberger Straße 12, 10965 Berlin


    The workshop costs 450Eur per couple.