intense couple therapy


    It is in many cases more important and helpful to dedicate oneself to a couple crisis in a more dense way. There is a chance to get a new perspective quicker in the intense couple therapy. You may go straight to your misunderstandings and painful experiences. A releasing and healing process can start. Of course it can go also in an opposite direction. It’s possible, the differences prevail and a separation is the best solution. You immerse yourself in a deep and intense process being held and getting safe space in this type of couple therapy.


    The intense couple therapy includes the initial session online, two days of therapeutic work on one weekend and the session afterwards. 

    initial session

    Before staring the two-day-therapy we will talk online briefly (45 minutes) and check the expectations and hopes. We will talk topics through, which we are going to deal with on the therapeutic weekend.

    Day 1

    We meet on the first day (Saturday). You are going to experience three sessions á 90 minutes with breaks between the sessions. No worries, the perspective and the issues you have set at the beginning can evolve and change. In the middle there is a lunch break.

    Duration: 10:00 – 16:00

    Day 2

    The second day on the therapeutic weekend is a sunday. We will meet for two sessions. There is a brief break after each session and no lunch break. You have got the possichance to sum up at the end of the two day therapy.

    Duration: 10:00 – 13:30

    We will meet three or four weeks after the two-day-therapy so that you can sort out your thoughts and feelings, that you have experienced on the therapeutic weekend. The session is a 90-minutes appointment.

    730 Eur

    Initial session, 5 full sessions of intense couple therapy, afterwards session