couple retreat

find your paradise in a sunny place & dedicate it to each other
– couple coaching and yoga –

Encounter each other far away from 
worries and stress 

Daily workshops, experience-based exercises,
yoga for couples

Six days in a relaxed and idyllic getaway

Enjoy tantra yoga, slow down & connect on a deeper level

Caves, beaches and sun of a beautiful coast – the source of energy and vividity

Discover the surroundings with its fairytale atmosphere, tiny streets and comfy cafés

Make new experiences in an old city 


Barcelona, Spain

15-20 August

Lagos, Portugal


Join me for a transformative couples retreat!
My program is designed to help you deepen your connection, enhance communication, and cultivate intimacy in a beautiful and serene setting.
Escape the hustle of daily life and immerse yourselves in a week of relaxation, reflection, and rejuvenation. As experienced facilitator I will guide you through a series of engaging workshops and creative exercises, such as experiencing each others boundaries with ropes or creating a mutual lifeline of your relationship. Other activities will help you rediscover each other through a mutual interview. At the end of the retreat each couple is welcome to create a vision of its relationship in a creative and expressive way. 
Whether you’re a newlywed or have been together for decades, the retreat is the perfect opportunity to invest in your relationship and create lasting memories.

Only if you are able to imagine growing together it can actually happen!


We dive into unknown or forgotten depths of each other’s personalities and create a new emotional closeness


We explore differences of each other’s inner motives and get a fuller understanding of the spouse


We focus on powerful and challenging times of your relationship and get a deeper understanding of your dynamics


We move in the room, put ropes on the floor as a symbol for inner and outer boundaries & discover more about each other


We go on a non-verbal, artisitc and expressive journey to the sensory imagination of your relationship in the future & create the vision of it


We practice partner-asanas and let kundhalini energy rise with an experienced tantra yoga teacher, deepening our connection to each other on a spiritual and sensual level

Before the retreat starts you both meet me for a 45-minutes individual session online or in my Berlin base. We make an appointment, which suits everybody and talk about your expectations, brief information on your relationship and your experience with couple therapy. There is a chance for you to get a first impression and the idea of what is expecting you on the retreat.

The retreat is a group offer. Beside you there are going to be three other couples. A brief theoretical  part is followed by exercises, which include moving and creativity – the core of group coaching workshops with me in a beautiful and spacious space. The workshops take place twice a day. The space is designed to provide a place for people to connect, learn and grow through a variety of events focused on wellness, personal development and spirituality. You tell the group whatever you want and how much you want. No touching of anybody but your partner, no erotic exercises. Besides, an experienced and empathetic yoga teacher is supporting me with daily yoga sessions.

Workshop example

Feel the connection

How much space have I got? What is happening with my space when my partner is present? How do I intive my partner in my space? How does it feel for me as a host and as a guest?

You as a couple get to a deeper understanding and feeling each other via this body-oriented method.

Ropes as boundaries

The workshop on constellations is about boundaries and bridges. Inner and those outside. I will provide a brief theoretical input and after that we will dive into the experience-based exercise with ropes. Every participant marks a space or area on the floor by a rope. You mark a mutual space of you as a couple and so make possible a deeper understanding of boundaries of each other. 

Feeling safe in a group

The workshop is taking place in a group, still every couple is going through individual experience within each other, not in a group as a whole. There is a possibility to share after the exercise and get inspired by ohters and their way of perceiving the process. Everyone is kindly invited to share, as the content stays confidential. Still, if you feel not comfortable enough to do so, it is absolutely fine!

Experience together

… all the feelings and thoughts which come up at the moment. There is no right answer. It is more of exploring, and every couple takes its time for the exercise so much it needs. 

If needed I am theres for you as a couple therapist if at moments different emotions come up which I can help you holding and regulating.

Your retreat facilitators



Psychotherapist & Couple Coach

I am based in Berlin and have got around 10 years of experience in the fields of systemic and emotional focused therapy. I had a chance to train my professional skills in order to help a lot of individuals and couples overcome a variety of challenges and achieve their goals. I hold a Master’s degree in Psychology and is a licensed systemic psychotherapist and is training now in psychodynamic approach. Get a more complete picture of me HERE.



Kundalini & Tantra Yoga

I am a Yogini on my path through a long personal growth. I practice in Berlin. Kundalini & Tantra Yoga have become a major part of my life. These two practices are deeply connected through high vibrations. Both are not of sexual nature primarily but have a healing source. In my workshops I am there to accompany participants on their high frequency journeys to heal themselves and their relationships in a spiritual and sensory way. Follow me HERE



Holistic Coach & Partner Yoga

I am based in Brussels. As a certified Acroyogavinyasa instructor and a professional in compassionate inquiry I believe that true wellness involves a balance of mind, body, and spirit, and she is committed to helping her clients achieve this balance through a variety of holistic practices. I am passionate about enhancing flexibility, strength, and balance, while also promoting inner peace and a sense of calmness.


Milena & Ben

The retreat was a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other in a new and better way, and to become aware (again) of the resources that make love strong. We loved that it was a safe space conducive to growing on different levels in exchange with other couples, to which the yoga and the relaxing location contributed, too.

Nadine & Oscar

My partner and I attended a fantastic couples retreat last year. The event, set in a serene environment, featured bonding exercises and a “couple vision” painting session. These activities deepened our connection, improved communication, and allowed us to explore our shared goals.

The facilitator was warm, knowledgeable, and passionate about helping couples grow. We left the retreat feeling rejuvenated and more in love than ever. We highly recommend this couples retreat for those looking to strengthen their connection and create lasting memories.

Ines & Sandra

Wir haben als Paar an dem Workshop teilgenommen, neugierig, was wir über unsere Beziehungsdynamiken lernen können. Im Nu herrschte eine entspannte, vertrauensvolle Atmosphäre. Einen echten Aha-Moment hatten meine Partnerin und ich bei der Seilübung, bei der uns plötzlich klar wurde, dass wir jeweils komplett unterschiedliche Arten haben, uns und unsere Wohnung zu öffnen: bei mir eher offene Tür, bei meiner Partnerin nur auf Einladung und mit Vorwarnung. Unterschwellig war uns das natürlich klar – aber das Ganze so eindrücklich visualisiert zu sehen, schafft nochmal eine ganz andere Qualität von liebevollem Verständnis für die Persönlcihkeit des anderen.

What’s included

2 Individual sessions with Kristina

6 workshops and evaluation in a group

Daily yoga classes

Afternoon snacks

Tea and water

700 €

per person

Early bird 625€