couple retreat

Six days in the sunny Algarve, Portugal
– couple coaching and yoga –

Encounter each other far away from 

Daily workshops, experience-based exercises,
yoga for couples

Six days in a relaxed and idyllic getaway in Lagos

Enjoy slow yoga in the morning or energetic partner yoga in ther evening

Caves, beaches and sun of the beautiful Algarve – the source of energy and vividity

Discover Lagos with its fairytale atmosphere, tiny streets and comfy cafés

Lagos, Portugal


5.04. – 10.04.2023

10.04. – 15.04.2023 

15.10. – 20.10.2023


24.10. – 29.10.2022

As a couple therapist, I experience couples telling me how they spend time after a session with me. They go out for a coffee or take a longer walk without thinking of a destination. It seems to be the enjoyable part the couple long for after an intense session. It made me think! How can this kind of flow be prolonged? A couple retreat!

Taking time for your relationship and enjoying the sunny atmosphere in Portugal – there is a chance to inverse the negative dynamics of conflicts and accusations and light the sparkle again. The couple retreat is aiming at inner sources of forgotten powers in your relationship. No problem focussing, no deepening in conflict dynamics is going to happen. It contains exercies to bring your relationship on a whole new level and let it flourish!

Together to the end of the world

Kristina - retreat facilitator

I am psychologist and couple therapist, based in Berlin. I work with couples, individuals and families for several years and use methods of systemic therapy and emotional focussing (EFT). I both focus on ressources of couples and on wounds healing.


I use profound techniques of couple therapy (J.Gottman, H.Jellouschek and U.Clement) in my workshops. I aim at deeper understanding of each other. Couples have a chance to talk about their topics individually in two sessions before and after the retreat. Additional sessions can be booked separately if needed.


Daily yoga sessions in the sunny studio create a nice balance and center you and your partner. The yoga instructor, Anna, is sensitive and intuitive and will smoothly accompany you on your journey to each other.

The retreat is a group offer. Beside you there are going to be three other couples. A brief theoretical  part is followed by exercises, which include moving and creativity – the core of group coaching workshops with Kristina in a beautiful and spacious La Casa del Corpo. You tell the group whatever you want and how much you want. No touching of anybody but your partner, no erotic exercises. Besides, an experienced and empathetic yoga teacher is supporting me with daily yoga sessions beginning with Kundalini Yoga and going further to Tantra Yoga for two.

Location for workshops & yoga

We encounter each other daily for the workshops and yoga in la Casa del Corpo, the place full of light and space, where we aim to bring together like-minded people for transformative experiences. The space is designed to provide a place for people to connect, learn and grow through a variety of events focused on wellness, personal development and spirituality.

Respect and taking care of each other as well as no acute crisis are the only conditions for the retreat. It still can happen that you experience or remember old pain – stay confident! You are going to be in a safe place and supported by a professional couple therapist.


Before the retreat starts you both meet me for a 45-minutes individual session online or in my Berlin base. We make an appointment, which suits everybody and talk about your expectations, brief information on your relationship and your experience with couple therapy. There is a chance for you to get a first impression and the idea of what is expecting you on the retreat.

Day 1


18:30/19:00 Introductory group session
19:30 Yoga Nidra

Day 2

11:00 – 12:30 Workshop 1 Who is this person by my side? – curiosity in relationships


13:00 – 14:30 Workshop 2 Dimensions of differences – how do we match?

Free time 

19:30 – 20:30 Kundalini Yoga

Day 3

11:00 – 12:30 Workshop 3 Lifeline of your relationship – how did the connection develop?


13:00 – 14:30 Workshop 4 Being close is a challenge – how did you cope critical times?

Free time 

19:00 – 20:15 Tantra Yoga – powerful energy

Day 4

11:30 – 13:00 Workshop 5 Constellations – boundaries and smooth crossings


13:30 – 15:00 Workshop 6 Vision of your relationship in a creative way

Free time

19:00 – 20:15 Tantra Yoga – deeper connection

Day 5

11:30 – 12:30 Evaluation group session and saying goodbye


13:00 – 17:00 Individual couple sessions in 45-minutes-slots each

Free time

19:00 – 20:00 Final inner peace Yoga class

Day 6

9:00 – 10:00 Morning Yoga

Workshop Nr. 5 – „The rope experiment“

Feel the connection

The difference to group therapy is that experiencing oneself and each other is the main focus of the exercises.

How much space have I got? What is happening with my space when my partner is present? How do I intive my partner in my space? How does it feel for me as a host and as a guest?

You as a couple get to more understanding and feeling each other via this body-oriented method.

Ropes as boundaries

The workshop Nr.5 is about boundaries and bridges. Inner and those outside. I will provide a brief theoretical input and after that we will dive into the experience-based exercise with ropes. Every participant marks a space or area on the floor by means of a pore. You marks a mutual space of you as a couple and so make possible a deeper understanding of boundaries of each other. 

Feeling safe in a group

The workshop is taking place in a group, still every couple is doing the specific exercises within each other, not in a group as a whole. There is a possibility to share after the exercise and get inspired by ohters and their way of perceiving the process. Everyone is kindly invited to share, as the content stays with thw group and wont’t be spread outside. Still, if you feel not comfortable enough to do so, it is absolutely fine!

Experience together

… all the feelings and thoughts which come up at the moment. Theres is no right answer. It is more of exploring and every couple takes its time for the exercise so much it needs. 

If needed I am theres for you as a couple therapist if at moments different emotions come up whic I can help you holding and regulating.

Accommodation examples

We highly recommend to look for the accommodation in advance since the retreat package includes coaching and yoga costs. No accommodation is included. The following examples were chosen with love . Inspire yourself!

quinta bonita

The Quinta is in a quite area of Lagos and has several beautiful double rooms with a terrace and sea view. The accommodation has a huge garden, made in different styles, a pool to relax.

casa mae

The Casa is in the middle of Lagos. Whether your style is minimalist, boho chic, or classic vintage, we have the room for you! From our gardens with love & local sourcing at the core of Casa Mãe’s lifestyle concept.


Lagos Avenida Hotel with 47 rooms located within the Lagos city centre, at 7 minute walk from Meia Praia Beach. There is a rooftop bar with an infinity pool and amazing views of the Marina as well as the sea.

What’s included

Individual pre-retreat session with couple coach

Individual after-retreat session with couple coach

6 workshops and evaluation in a group

Daily yoga classes

Afternoon snacks

Tea and water

700 €

per person

Early bird 625€

till 15.3.23

Recent retreats – impressions