Grow and flourish as a person and as a couple

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couple therapy

The alleination in your couple life is getting more and more. Emotional injuries come up. You are sad about it and you are both looking for a solution in a couple therapy


Sex got dull and could need some boosting. New ideas of a fulfilled sexuality isn’t still there. You dedicate yourself our sex topic in a safe space of sexcounselling.


You feel depressed, anxious or unease and it doesn’t seem to be just a bad day. The time has come to look for a psychotherapeutic support.


Family and friends, job and vacations – everything seems to be allright. However the gap from the inside brings us to new questions and bothering thoughts.

Kristina Schlecht

Psychologist (diploma) and Systemic Therapist (SG certified)

I work with individuals, couples and families for several years.

Presence, appreciation and neutral position are essential for me in my work. Therapeutic focus on resources, emotions and humor describes my style.

I counsel additionally in German and Russian and work with Casa Sacra, an integrative health center in Lagos (Portugal), remotely. Read more about me, my qualifications and my therapeutic values here.