Sexuality is one of the most attracted and atractive areas in life. It can let a couple life flourish or puzzle. It mostly shows if we are happy and satisfied with how we feel ourselves in our relationships or in life in general. Surprisingly, couples rarely talk about sexuality in couple therapy. We are often afraid of being judged or misunderstood and keep sexual issues to ourselves til it begins to influence our relationship. Talking about sexuality and sexual issues can open the ressources hidden back inside.

How does relaxation influence our sexual desire?

How do we make a difference between sexes?

How does the freedom of sexual self determination help us to get to more joy and satisfaction?

Additionally, I am often confronted with sexual issues in long term relationships in couple therapy. How is it possible to find the balance between the feeling of safety and adventure? How much of each ingridient is helpful in intimate relationships? What is it: sexual disorder? How do I define myself as a desirable sex partner? What kind of lover do I want to be?

How does systemic sexcounselling work?

In the systemic sexcounselling we dedicate ourselves to the understanding of how it comes to a specific sexual apathy or disorder. At first, we explore the point of time and the way sexual dissatisfaction occurs. We take into account recent events as well as old dynamics, probably established long before the actual relationship.  

Is the ability to have sex disturbed?

How do I enjoy sex? 

What phantasies have I got?

Beside different methods of systemic couple therapy I use the technique of U.Clement: the development of  the ideal sexual scenario. I face the topic with patience and openness. Every couple and every individual has the safe space to talk ybout their own sexuality in the sexcounselling.


180 EUR

90 Minuten 

Im Erstgespräch stellen Sie den Umfang Ihrer Sexualberatung fest.

150 EUR

Präsenz- oder
60 Minuten 

Wenn keine Präsenz-Sitzung möglich erscheint, bietet sich eine Online-Begegnung an.

75 EUR

trial session
30 minutes 

The trial session is for a brief getting to know each other. Also online possible.