couple therapy

In a long-term relationship we often ask ourselves, where the love has gone. The high of the romance beginning has gone. The passion is lost, misunderstandings dominate the everyday life, there is no patience left fort he partner. The idea of separation is getting real more and more. This is often the moment when couples decide to contact a couple therapist, in order to save the relationship.

Statistically, around a half of married people separate. There are less statistics about unmarried couples but it seems to concern them to merely the same extent.

In a relationship we are constantly searching for the balance between being close to each other and still keep our autonomy. In a healthy relationship we commute between emotional connectedness and letting go, between security and playfulness and are still able to connect with each other not doubting of the relationship.

Systemic couple therapy aims at realizing:

  • the status quo of your relationship and the visions of your future together
  • which relationship model you want to install – a monogamic or an open relationship
  • which needs you and your partner have and learn to communicate these with respect
  • which needs you wish being met and which stay unsatisfied
  • how to trust each other (again), reduce walls and feel safe within the couple
  • how to argue in a constructive and respectful way
  • how to deal with infidelity and lack of trust

The outcome can be according to your initial aim or can lead to a different one. The outcome is always open.

I propose online sessions due to remote relationships or pandemic restrictions as well. It is quite useful as an alternative setting. Using an established software for video calls I see the data as safe.


Beside couple therapy in a classic way I propose various settings, which can be useful in different situations. It is a chance to deal with the issues of your relationship in an intense way in a two-day-therapy for couples on a weekend. Or you can visit one of my workshops in group in Berlin or come to the retreat for couples to Portugal.

Intense couple therapy

You dedicate yourself to the issues of your relationship in a two-day setting, wich includes the initial and the afterward session. You set the topics and the extent of deepening. Learn more about the intense couple therapy here.

workshop in group

When you would like to pepp up your relationship and get to know each other better, come to one of my workshops for couples. It takes place in group in the therapeutic space in Berlin. Read more about the workshops here.

Couple retreat in Portugal

Taking time for your relationship and enjoying the sunny atmosphere in Portugal – there is a chance to inverse the negative dynamics of conflicts and accusations and light the sparkle again. Let the flow come up and share it in a group. Learn more about the retreat here.


180 EUR

live session
90 minutes 

In the first session we set the frame, if and how intense the sessions should be. Further: 3 til 10 sessions on average

150 EUR

live or
online session
60 minutes 

If a live session is not possible, there is a possibility for online sessions.

75 EUR

trial session
30 minutes 

The trial session is for a brief getting to know each other. Also online possible.