There is no good reason why we should not develop and change until the last day we live.

Karen Horney


Everyone understands psychotherapy in an individual way. For some people it’s the means to eliminate «unhealthy» symptoms and feel free of any tension. For others it’s the opportunity to get to know and understand oneself more. There are different therapeutic schools which meet some of these needs. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is focussing on the aactual moment and looking for the solutions of present problems. Psychoanalysis or psychodynamic therapy is aiming at understanding of inner conflicts and the basis for inner patterns. Recently the fourth therapeutic school occured – systemic therapy.

I work generally as a systemic therapist and try to see psychological disorders set in the cotext. Additionally I use techniques from CBT or use psychodynamic explanation to understand the reason for certain symptoms occurring.

We often need more clearity why some sufferings overwhelm ourselves. Somehow we feel controlled by our fear or rage. Sometimes we call it stress. But sometimes it is bigger than just stress – thoughts go in circles and the sleep gets worse. Sometimes the inner rage gets to such an extent that we do not feel ourselves safe with nobody. Sometimes neat rituals which were the source of joy got compulsive and we do not feel ourselves in control of our life and set a rigid constraint. Psychological disorders or sufferings can show itself differently.

That’s why we need at some point therapy in order to face the shadow parts of life and shed more light on them. This is the way I see and practice psychotherapy.

I propose online sessions due to pandemic restrictions or other reasons as well. It is quite useful as an alternative setting. Using an established software for video calls I see the data as safe.


80 EUR

live or online session
60 minutes 

You decide about the range and intensity of topics.